SNT Textile was established in 1995, in Organized Industrial Area of Bursa for the purpose of research, manufacture and trade of woven textiles. With the technological machinery park, SNT’s production of fabrics for men and women's as well as children’s, consisting mainly of cotton and blends of viscose, linen, wool have evaluated to sustainable production by 2005, using organic cotton and blends for well known international brands. As of 2011, apart from the fabrics, started producing accessories and similar products with its sustainable identity.     

Since its' foundations, quality and innovation has been the primary motive for SNT. Thus, combining these with experience and systematic thinking has given fine collections of men's, woman’s and children's fabrics and accesories. The company also fullfills customers’ own requests as samples or orders apart from its’ own collection. 

SNT Textile, giving importance to sustainability and the earth itself, has reduced all its wastes to 5% in the last 10 years. Thanks for being in the first ever 'Eco' Industiral Area in Turkey, BOSB, Industrial area of Bursa, all the water discharges from the facilities with in the industrial area are being processed and reused by the facilities operating in the area itself. ( You can check the water anlaysis of the BOSB, from the link below )